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Code 200 - Stream is in use or is locked

In our experience the code 200 means one of the following:

1. invalid password

2. If you are using Centova Cast DJ manager, make sure the username or password is NOT in ALL CAPS. A combination works fine. We have discovered that Centova has issues when doing so. Change the password, save, restart your server should fix.

3. Only one source can occupy a port at a time. Therefore, this problem, in some cases, may be that someone else is already streaming on your server and thus has the port locked, not allowing you to connect.

4. If you are using Centova and SHOUTcast v1, you WILL get this code if you start your encoder without stopping AutoDJ. For SAM, it is best to use SHOUTcast v2 (for AutoDJ transition to live stream) but in the encoder setup use SHOUTcast v1 and in password use: username:password format. 

5. In some cases (although rare) If you were disconnected from the server and an error 200 appears, chances are your connection from the server did not register properly. Give it about a minute and the current connection will time out when SHOUcast realizes that you are no longer streaming to it.

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